2012 Recipient Latoya Bailey, widow of David Bailey, NJDOC.
As a recent recipient, I am humbled by the selfless acts of the members who are a part of the Officer Down Organization. I am intrigued by these amazing individuals who dedicate their time and services to raise funds for families who are faced with a tragic loss. As grateful as I am for the financial support, it means even more when I receive a random message letting us know that they are thinking about us, or we have a planned visit from the organizers. Words cannot express how appreciative me and my family are to have been able to establish a relationship with such a genuine, dedicated organization.

Stacey Vasile, widow of 2011 recipient Angelo Vasile of Harvey Cedars PD, contacted ODI after the 2012 gala that honored her late husband last year with the following statement: “When I first heard about Officer Down and that they chose my husband, Officer Angelo Vasile, as one of their 2011 recipients I was speechless. I thought how amazing it was for an organization of strangers to want to give their support to my family and myself, and I was in disbelief. Over the next few months, I realized that this was not just an organization of strangers offering support. It’s more like a family. They accepted my son and myself right from the start, not even knowing who we were. From the first phone call in early 2011 until this very day, I continue to receive phone calls, text messages and emails just to say hello and find out how we are doing. Officer Down is not just about fundraising. Office Down is an organization of members that go above and beyond to let you know that you are not alone. They understand and help you get through the pain. For my son and I, Officer Down Inc. is our guardian angel!”

Jill Kirby Deverin
Widow of Alan Deverin, 2009 Recipient
“When unexpected tragedy became a part of my life, I was supported by my family and friends who know and love me, and I continue to appreciate the support I receive from these special people in my life. I did not expect to be helped and supported by the members of an organization who I had never met or even heard of before that time. Officer Down Inc came into my life and I will forever be grateful for all they did for me, for the recognition they gave my husband and for the hard work and time they put in to helping those families who are currently in need of this special organization and the rewarding work they do. Thank you…”

Pete Scarabaggio, current treasurer and former recipient, was asked what Officer Down means to him, his response was the following: “I can tell you firsthand what an amazing organization this is. Officer Down played a major role in my recovery, not just for me, but for my family as well. We will always be a part of ODI and I can only hope we can have the same impact on our future recipients that this organization has had on us.”

Mary Leppard DiNardo
I am so happy I was able to attend the Gala on Saturday. The ceremony for the table of Heroes was truly amazing and beautiful. Thank you for honoring my husband, P.O. MarcAnthony DiNardo, JCPD ESU, E.O.W. 7/21/2009 and thank you for all the hard work you do to help injured and deceased officers and their families.

Amy Lowe
Words cannot express how truly grateful my family is for you support. We had such a wonderful evening at the gala. We met some exceptional people and we are forever grateful. My little guy keeps asking when are we going to the fancy dinner again, lol . We told him next year and the year after that and the year after that. Once again Thank You

Kristen Caputo Schwindt
thank you officer down and all those who made the gala a truly memorable experience. words cannot express how grateful my daughter and I are for everything you’ve done! thank you

Denise Petrelli West
I had heard that someone there mentioned my husband, tpr Bert Zimmerman & to remember him since the gala was on the anniversary of my husbands death, thank you!

Nancy Carroll- Frasca
What a wonderful tribute again to our heroes; past, present and future. Last year my brother was honored. Officer Down will always hold a special place in my heart. You all make up a great organization. Never forgotten.

Gina Iorio Mansure
Thank you Officer Down NJ

Table of Honor

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History of Recipients

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