2014 Recipients

Senior Parole Officer Nicole Mahon – Sex Offender Management Unit

Battling Brain Cancer which has left her with neurological problems and was not able to return to work.


Chief Bruce P Maahs – Pennsville Police Department

Died suddenly at the age of 50 of an apparent Cardiac event.

Bruce is surviced by his wife, Lori Chapman-Maahs and their daughter,  Macy C Maahs (19)


Correction Officer Agostino “Gus” Fare – Gloucester County Department of Corrections

While on duty, “Gus” suffered a massive heart attack while picking up inmates from the Cumberland County Jail.

He is suvived by his daughters, Victoria (13) and Emily (7)


Senior Correction Officer Eligia Then – New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJSP)

While on duty, Eligia was assaulted by and inmate.  She suffered a sub arachnoid hemorage and neurological damage.  She is unable to return to work.


Patrolman Craig Berner – Moorestown Police Department

While on his way home from completing his tour, Craig was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident.

He is suvived by his wife Carrie Berner and their children, Phoebe (12), Travis (14) and Scott (25).