Table of Honor

The hats of our heroes on the table symbolize a brave life that made the ultimate sacrifice.

The table cloth is white, symbolizing the purity of their intentions to respond to their country’s and communities call to arms — so that their children could remain free. We remember.

The lone candle symbolizes the frailty of an officer alone on the street, standing up against his oppressors. We remember.

The black ribbon on the candle reminds us of those who will not be coming home. We remember.

The single rose reminds us of the loved ones our comrades in arms left behind. We remember.

A slice of lemon is on the bread plate to remind us of their bitter fate. We remember.

There is salt on the plate, symbolic of the family’s tears as they mourn the loss of a love one. We remember.

The glasses are inverted. They cannot toast with us tonight . We must remember.

As we look upon this empty table, do not remember ghosts from the past, remember our brothers and sisters. Remember those whom we depended on. They depend on us to bring them honor and respect. Remember our friends. They are the ones we love — who loved life and freedom as we do.

Please honor and remember them.

One Response to “Table of Honor”

That table and the following article with the sentence repeated “WE REMEMBER” just strikes a chord so deep in my heart.

God bless all the wives who prayed for their husbands to return safely whose worst fears were realized when he never returned…..

God bless the children whose fathers gave ALL trying to secure the world for all of us and those precious babies they loved SO much…..

God protect each and every single law enforcement professional and give extra special grace and favor to them as they carry a HUGE burden for us all being that THIN BLUE LINE between civilization and chaos…..

~and Lord-to the men/women who did give all, we ask for special favor for the ones they left behind to grieve and find a LIFE after so tragic a loss. May the ones who died in the line of duty sit at the RIGHT hand of the Lord in all the grace and favor they have worked and earned….

sincerely, Ms. Michelle Davis Covais

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